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 Business Law



The law firm of Harold S. Eskin, P.A., can assist clients in various areas of business law including the following:

bulletFormation of Business Entities:
bulletLabor Law:
bulletPurchase/Sale of Business:
bulletGeneral Business Litigation:
bulletSummary Comments:


Formation of Business Entities:

The formation and maintenance of a successful business depends upon careful planning from the start. This involves the formation of the proper business entity (i.e., corporations) with the advice and assistance of an attorney and other professionals (i.e. accountant, insurance agent, etc.).

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Most businesses encounter collection issues at one time or another. Even the most efficient accounts receivable management will require some collection work.  We can provide practical advice for such potential collections and assist on cases involving small claims to those with complex legal issues.

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At the inception of a business, the principles (owners) may enter into a series of contracts with landlords, vendors, customers, suppliers and service providers and other individuals depending on the nature of the business. Sometimes the purchase of such major assets such as real estate or large equipment may also be necessary or desirable. Consultation with a proper legal professional is essential prior to the entering into a contract for appropriate review and/or drafting.

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Labor Law:

There are very few “one man shops” where the owner does everything. Most businesses and professionals depend upon well-trained, hard working and dedicated employees.  Labor law varies from state to state and it is critical to the success of your business that labor practices are designed to help meet your business plan while complying with the increasingly complex labor laws.

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Purchase/Sale of Business:

Many clients begin their business ventures by opening up “shop” from scratch.  Many others will buy an existing business in the hopes of building (or redeeming) an existing business.  Business purchases are very complicated transactions that often involve the coordination of many professionals including attorneys, appraisers, accountants, insurance agents and other consultants.  Conversely, when it is time to sell your existing business, it is equally important to use an attorney (and other professionals) to insure that the business sale is appropriate from the contract phase to the closing.

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General Business Litigation:

While most businesses are able to stay away from litigation most of the time, in this litigious society, businesses from time to time will experience litigation of one sort or another, either as plaintiff (the one bringing the suit) or the defendant (the one being sued). Harold S. Eskin, Esq., has been dealing with general business ligation since 1986. He has experience in all types of state trial courts.

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Summary Comments:

Mr. Eskin is available to assist business owners in a wide variety of legal steps to create and maintain your business. Please feel free to contact the business office of Harold S. Eskin, P.A.

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