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Civil Litigation


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bulletThe Courtroom Is No Laughing Matter...
bulletWhat Is Civil Litigation?
bulletWhat Is Involved In Civil Litigation?
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The Courtroom Is No Laughing Matter....

Courtroom scenes are some of the most dramatic backdrops for movies and television specials and have spawned such regular programs as Perry Mason, Judd For The Defense, Matlock, LA Law, People’s Court, Divorce Court and even Judge Judy. While these shows are entertaining, they rarely capture the daily practice of law as it really takes place in the courtroom.

Unfortunately, civil litigation is no laughing matter and must be carefully planned and executed.

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What Is Civil Litigation?

Civil litigation are cases involving disputes between private persons (and or companies) including, but not limited to, contract disputes, collections, real estates disputes, personal injury, wrongful death, labor law, landlord tenant and enforcement of statutory rights.

Civil litigation does not involve criminal law, probate, juvenile and dependency matters. Family matters, although technically civil litigation, are essentially treated as a separate area of law with it's own set of procedures.

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What Is Involved In Civil Litigation?

There are 5 major stages involved in most types of litigation, each requiring the expertise of a seasoned litigator.  They include:

  1. Pre-Suit Investigation and Analysis – The initial determination to see if there is a cause of action (or good defense, if representing the defendant) and review of the prospects of enforcement/collection (see below).
  2. Filing the Initial Pleadings – The complaint is filed, an answer is formulated and other initial documents are created to establish the basic theory behind the case and defense.
  3. Discovery – Both sides of the suit perform a formal investigation of the evidence through requests for production and depositions.
  4. Trial/Settlement – Both sides prepare for trial and attempt to settle informally, formally (i.e. mediation) and failing a settlement, go to trial. 
  5. Enforcement/Collection – The winning party then tries to collect its judgment (if any) and costs and attorney fees (if allowed).  

Each stage involves many activities and includes the coordination and assistance of the client and possibly other persons (i.e. experts and other witnesses).

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Summary Comments:

The Law Offices of Harold S. Eskin, P.A., has been handling Civil Litigation of all types since 1986 . While some types of litigation are so complex and/or specialized and need the attention of larger or more specialized firms (i.e., medical malpractice, class action suits, etc.), most types of cases can be evaluated and successfully handled by Mr. Eskin.

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