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Mr. Eskin's Published Thoughts & Opinions:

Mr. Eskin has written a number of commentaries. Most of these have to do with reproductive law. Some have been published and republished and others are simply commentaries and summaries available on the web.

If you have specific comments regarding any of the commentaries, Mr. Eskin would greatly appreciate your thoughts. Feel free to e-mail him directly at [email protected].

We hope that you enjoy some of these commentaries. They shed some light on the professional and personal opinions of Mr. Eskin.


Commentary Title Brief Synopsis
Surrogacy & Egg Donation In Florida: A Safe Haven

By Harold S. Eskin, Esq. &
Craig R. Sweet, M.D.


Florida is a wonderful, safe and successful location for couples that wish to expand their families through the procedures of surrogacy and egg donation. Mr. Eskin and Dr. Sweet explain why Florida is truly a safe haven for these reproductive alternatives. Press here to review. 
Surrogacy, Questions & Answers

By Harold S. Eskin, Esq. 

Mr. Eskin provides an excellent review providing an easy-to-understand written presentation involving the legal perspective of surrogacy. Press here to review. 
Truth-In-Advertising Standards Recommended for OB/GYN's Treating Infertility

By Harold S. Eskin, Esq. &
Craig R. Sweet, M.D.  

Many OB/GYN's state that they "specialize" in infertility treatment. Mr. Eskin & Dr. Sweet review the issues involving uncertain advertising, and inappropriate insurance specialty listings. They also propose a number of steps to protect the infertility couple. Press here to review.

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