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Family Law


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Family Law (often called “domestic relations”) commonly involves disputes often resulting in divorce, custody of children, support and ancillary issues. Unfortunately, not only do disputes in this area affect the parties involved, they also profoundly affect innocent persons – Children. Mr. Eskin works diligently to minimize the affect to all members of the family, especially the children.

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The Eskin Experience:

Mr. Eskin has handled all matters of Family law since 1986. His experiences in this field include representing either the Husband or Wife in initial proceedings and/or post judgment proceedings (i.e. actions involving modifying and/or enforcing existing agreements and judgments).

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Mediation Is The Key:

In Lee County, great strides have been made in making the resolution of Family Law disputes a more cooperative process.  This has been accomplished through greater communication between attorneys and between attorneys and other professionals (i.e. accountants, mental health professionals and the Courts). Mediation is utilized in almost every case and Mr. Eskin is a certified Family Law Mediator.

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Buyer Beware...

The proliferation of “do it yourself” divorce kits, legal form centers (“without the cost of an attorney”) or  “simplified divorce” at cut-rate prices ignores the reality that divorces can complicated and may result in aggravation and undo expense in future years  if not done correctly and with appropriate sensitivity from the start. Divorce often involves complex issues of custody/visitation, child support, alimony, distribution of assets and liabilities, insurance, pension issues and other ancillary matters. Harold S. Eskin, P.A., has the experience to assist clients in all areas of Family Law.

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