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is a multifaceted
law firm providing
individuals and
businesses with
a wide variety
of legal services.

General Contact Information:
239-549-5551     Fax: 239-549-4834
Postal Address:  1420 S.E. 47th Street    Cape Coral, FL 33904
Electronic Mail: [email protected] (please allow for five business days for response)
Please understand that Mr. Eskin is unable to provide legal advice over the web. He wants to provide the best service to his clients and this involves a careful analysis of the particular situation. Providing off-the-cuff legal advice may be a significant disservice to you. Nothing included in this web site should be construed as creating an attorney-client relationship nor as direct legal or even medical advice.
Choosing an attorney can be a difficult task and one should not be chosen based solely on a web-site or any other form of advertising, but rather, should be based upon the attorney's qualifications and experience.

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