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 Landlord & Tenant Law


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The law firm of Harold S. Eskin, P.A., is experienced in matters of landlord/tenant law. Being a landlord can be profitable and a good investment. However, owning and managing property and dealing with tenants can often be challenging, frustrating and risky.

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The Initial Decisions & Investment...

The first decision of any landlord is to carefully consider the type of rental property you are best suited (i.e. residential or commercial), the number of units desired and the market you’re looking for (i.e. high, middle or low end).

The initial investment (down payment) and financing will influence your property investment and overall return. Making sound decisions at the beginning of your investment will affect its profitability, value, growth, management decisions and tolerance for vacancies and possible evictions. Harold S. Eskin, P.A., has both professional and personal experience to assist in this process and help negotiate and close the purchasing transaction as well as future sales.

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Ongoing Landlord & Tenant Issues...

After purchasing your investment/rental property, setting up the leases, rental policies, rules and process for enforcement are essential. Setting the right tone for your tenants (and screening for good ones) will go a long way in making the landlord experience positive and lucrative.

The procedure for security deposits is very technical; failure to set it up properly and provide proper and timely notices may result in a loss of any claim towards the deposit regardless of the damages or a breach of the rental agreement. Mr. Eskin can assist in drafting your leases and other important documents.

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Evictions & Other Legal Matters:

Occasionally, no matter how careful you are, evictions are necessary to get rid of a bad tenant (violation of the rules or non-payment of rent). Florida has strict laws on the proper procedure for eviction. Failure to adhere to these laws may result in a denial of eviction by the Court causing delays in getting the property back and a certain loss of revenue. More often then not, when evicting a tenant, the best you can hope for is getting your possession returned as quickly as possible. realistically, the collection of back rent is usually futile.

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Summary Comments:

The law firm of Harold S. Eskin, P.A., has prosecuted scores of residential and commercial evictions and can help the landlord through all the steps in the processes.  

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