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Mr. Eskin's Mediation Experience:

Harold S. Eskin is certified by the Florida Supreme Court in Family Law Mediation and Circuit Court Civil Mediation.

Mr. Eskin has been involved in literally hundreds of mediations as either the mediator itself or as an attorney representing a client in mediation. This experience has proven invaluable to Mr. Eskin in helping him fine-tune his mediation and negotiation skills. As a mediator, Mr. Eskin is fair and thoughtful in his mediation style. At the same time in his job as a client's representative, Mr. Eskin strongly feels that he must represent his client to the full extent of his abilities.

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Mediation Is The Key To Resolution:

Mediation has a long history in Lee County, which has been at the leading edge of the mediation and negotiation in the United States. Here in Lee County before any case goes to trial (family law or civil suits), judges always order mediation in hopes that when parties mediate the issues with their respective attorneys, the result will be a rational and cost-effective settlement agreement.

Pre-suit mediations (as well as voluntary mediations shortly after a suit is filed) can be scheduled by either party at any time through the Lee County Court Administratorís Mediation Office or directly through Mr. Eskinís office.

  Local Courts here favor mediation because it often results in agreements in the majority of cases at a minimum of cost and inconvenience to all parties involved.

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